The Electrical System

If you enjoy solving puzzles, you probably will enjoy curing your car’s electrical problems.

car’s electrical wiring system starts at battery and reaches to all parts of the car. The ignition system, the starting system, and the charging system are parts of it.
We will be looking into the basic wiring harness, test procedures, and horns and buzzers.

With minor variations, all cars are wired the same. Heavy battery cables serve the starting circuit; the charging system wiring and the car’s electrical wiring system are attached to these cables. The wires are wrapped together into a harness for neat ness and protection. From the’ harness, wires branch off toward the ignition switch, charging system regulator, and other electrical components. You rarely need to cut into the wiring harness to cure an electrical problem.

Wires are color-coded to help you trace them throughout the car. Sometimes, having the car’s wiring diagram is helpful when you work on an electrical problem. Though the diagram usually does not show the actual wire routings, it does indicate wire color-coding.

Lights and accessories branch off this routing. Their supply wires fasten to them through terminals and sockets. Any troubles traced to these componencal system in the modern Carts are usually solved by replacing bulbs or repairing or replacing motors. ;

The ground circuit is the final part of a car’s electrical wiring. Unlike house wiring, which comprises a “hot” wire to feed power and a white neutral wire to complete the circuit, car wiring completes most circuits through the car body, frame, ground cable, and back to the battery. That is called the ground circuit. Nearly every light, relay, motor, and solenoid is grounded to the car’s body or frame to complete its circuit.

Poor grounding is a common source of auto electrical troubles. If the ground circuit is incomplete somewhere along the line, the circuit will fail just as though its insulated feed wire had been cut. Ground circuits fail through loosening and corrosion of fastenings. Continuity of the ground circuit must be considered when ever looking for an electrical malfunction. Fortunately, it is an easy check.

In today’s auto advancements, it would be a good idea to acquires an extensive knowledge of electronics. You have to troubleshoot everything from control modules to sold state relays